Re: Exhaust Augmenter (was Canard Root Faring)

Joseph Snow <1flashq@...>


Thanks again for your perseverance. Do you have a picture or link to the system?

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Joseph a weld bead would do the job best if you can get a sharp edge facing
the exhaust stream. The Norton extractor was made with the end of the
tailpipe crushed and shaped like a rectangular cross. It would be possible
to enclose the whole thing inside the lower cowl?



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Except for the 1/16" venturi ring, your description of the augmenter setup
sounds like my current setup. The 1/16" ring generates the turbulence? If it
worked, I would be happy to keep it as is. However, I do think the parts
outside of my cowl will be draggy. How do you get the 1/16" ring?...perhaps
lay a weld bead on the inside end of the pipe?


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