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BARRY AMANDA STEARNS <stearns2559@...>

I would be interested in the kit

Barry Stearns

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A guy contacted me, saying he has a virgin Q2 kit for sale. Here
are some of his words about the project:

"My kit is near Marietta GA, in back-in-the-box status. It is
naturally missing all of the liquid plastics, long beyond useful
life. It is a virgin kit, lots of peripheral things done, though.
It has an extra tinted canopy, some of the Q200 conversion parts
(plans & instructions, cowl halves, but no tapered spars, prop), 2
extra reduced size plans/instruction copies, a mechanical liquid
plastic proportioner, jigs, aluminum hotwire templates, construction
table, some QBA pubs. All in good condition. I'm never going to
get to build it, so it needs a good home. If you are interested, I
can meet you there to show it. I'm in Miami FL, 305-685-0000 (W),
305-502-3695 (Mobile), phlyer48@...<mailto:phlyer48@...>.

Please let me know if anyone there is interested in making an offer
subject to seeing it. There is a boat trailer available which needs
some work but will carry the big box & 2 or 3 of the foam billets.
I think there is a 4th one which would go with it. I need to know
if there is interest or if I should list it on ebay.

Regards, Charles Wirt"

He is wanting $3000 negotiable for the kit. Go for it!

Mike Huffman

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