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rholen8rl, thanks for the enlightening! No more shooting from the hip!

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The cellphone prohibition is an FCC matter. The reason is that cell
phones normally have short range and will communicate with one or
several nearby cell towers. From an airplane, your cell phone can
easily be in contact with dozens or more towers. So your one cell
phone trtansmission impacts channel usage over a large geographic
area. To keep channel usage reasonable, these high altitude
transmissions are prohibited. You will probably find at our lower
altitudes you cell phone will work just fine, though still in
violation of FCC rules. (When your phone is detected on too many
towers you may get an "out of service" indication). To stay legal,
restrict usage to on-the-ground. In an emergency, of course, do what
you have to do.

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Shooting from the hip on this, two issues come to mind. First, why
using a cell phone in a private plane make a difference? Cars,
comercial (on
the ground taxi), boats etc. are all okay. Next, who would know if
did use their cell from their private ac?
All answers come from how you ask the question. The definitely "no"
may have been intended for a passenger on an airliner in flight...
that "no"
comes from the disruption of navaids etc.
Just some thought to think about.

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