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Jay I have developed an allergy because I was careless with dust 5 years
ago. When sanding the stuff got under sweaty nails and around the lenses of
my specs. My nails came off and eyes badly swollen . Its nasty stuff and
even now I need all the protection I can get. Eyes still swell .

Clothing gets contaminated with the dust also. Take care.



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Hi Jay,

The couple of times that I've finished a Q, I used a broom and dustpan.
That said, I'm sure I've breathed enough glass/epoxy dust to last a

I've seen people put a breathing system in place (basically just a simple
fresh air mask) that I thought was a good idea. A full evacuation system
would be cool. However; this strikes me as one of those things where you can
spend the next two years and x dollars installing when you could/should be
working on your plane. So, guess my tip is to use something to minimize the
amount of junk you breath but keep it cheap/simple/quick.

Oh, the other advantage of some sort of simple evacuation system would not
being constantly covered in dust. Not too many things better than sweating
like a pig while covered in white goo. If it isn't a quarter inch thick in
your nose or all over the inside of your shirt and pants, it's formed a nice
paste with your sweat and is covering your face and arms..... Yum - love
that finish work....

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I'm about ready to start sanding my you recommend having a
dust collection system? If so, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Jay McGovern

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