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I use a pretty decent respirator ($20-30) with replaceable filters anytime I
am messing with micro and there is a chance that I will be breathing the
dust...mixing or sanding. If I am sanding a lot of fiberglass I will use
that same respirator or at least a dust mask. I am extra cautious anytime I
even think about sanding CF. Keep the respirator in a sealed zip lock bag
when not in use.

I think it is a good idea to keep some air flowing anytime you are sanding.
If you do not exhaust the dust everything, I mean EVERYTHING, in you shop
will be covered in fiberglass dust. Inside your toolbox....places that you
never thought dust could get inside. A wood shop dust collector might work
ok, but for it to really do any good it will have to be outside because the
particle size of the fiberglass dust is so small it will just blown through
the collection bag. Maybe just an old furnace blower fan (I have one of
these that I am going to use the next time I do any serious sanding) with a
furnace filter attached. I saw someone use a make shift filter using a
regular house box fan with a furnace filter taped to it that they just sat
near the area that they were sanding to pull the dust away from them.

I also developed an allergic reaction to fiberglass dust when I was sanding
on my (Dragonfly) fiberglass landing gear. I was doing a lot of sanding
with an aggressive belt sander and thought that it would be a good idea to
wear some of those mechanics gloves. The fiberglass dust got inside the
gloves and with all the sweating that I was doing it caused some problems.
It probably took a couple hours to show up, but my hands broke out in a
serious rash that lasted about 1 month.

Take the time to protect yourself!!



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I'm about ready to start sanding my you recommend having a
dust collection system? If so, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Jay McGovern

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