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Hi Dave,
I believe Richard is onto something. I did away with my cowl flap and built an extactor type exit as can be seen in my article in issue 117. I didn't see any speed increase but did notice a substantial cylinder head temp drop. Cruise CHT is now 225 and sustained climb out never goes over 300.
If I was modifying my cowl over again I would incoporate Richards cowl bottom opening. I believe his numbers are correct.
If the heads run cooler great. If you get a performance increase to boot, even better.

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Hi Guys,

I'm curious about the modification Richard made to his Turbo Q2 and
just why he is seeing such an improvement. It looks simple enough to
do and with my Tri-Q2, opening up that area would make removing the
lower cowling much easier. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the cowl
flap either.

Is the idea sound enough to be worth hacking up my cowling?


Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 825DR

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