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Very, very cool, Kevin. You keep all us (quasi-builders) trying to create the time.


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20 Nov 06
Flight today was to check out the rebalanced and retracked prop.
Also installed new CHT system from Alcor.
TO was normal on 17. Climb did not show the CHT to be as hot as
before, with the Westberg system. Flew around to get the dust off my
flying skills. It had been almost a month since last flight. Climbed
to 5000ft. CHT did not get much over 400°F. Cruise temp was around
375°F. I had been having a vibration from 2100 down to 1700 RPM. Carb
heat on, throttle back to 2100, some vibration, but much less.
Throttle all the way back. Hold altitude till pitch buck. Normal. I
was able to lean the engine at this altitude and not have the CHT
climb. Also able to run the throttle at 2400 RPM, leaned, and not see
a large increase in temp. The Westberg system must not be too accurate.
Carb heat again, throttle back to 1800 RPM for descent to pattern.
From 4500 to 2000FT.
Into the pattern for landing on 17. Landing was very good. Big smile!!

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200
7868B 35.1 hours
Luana IA.

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