Re: Props for Q2 Revmaster 85HP

Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...>


You will get at least 1000FPM climb with a fixed prop. A CS prop will not
give you a better max cruise speed

I think the CS option is only justified if you need a better climb rate.



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The engine is the 80 HP (sorry for the earlier typo) turbo Revmaster
2100. We had a thought that, if available, a constant speed prop might
make better use of the power, don't know if the group has any experience

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Richard if it is a 75HP engine ie bigger valves than the original 65HP
engine, I found the 56x49" Cowley wood prop was a perfect match . It
3200rpm at WOT and max cruise was 140KTS and 3200rpm is peak power for


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