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Do you know if he checked the toe in relative to the centerline of the fuselage or just relative to each other or the gear? Could it be possible the main gear is not mounted square in the fuselage? I would think that would just cause him to go down the runway sideways rather than causing a "pull" to one side......unless he is tapping a brake to try making it go straight and that is the "pull".
Axle nut torque on the one wheel bearing could cause this if he is trying to tighten one of the axle nuts to the next "cotter" notch which may be much tighter than the other side. Sometimes a shim is needed on one side or the other so the cotter pin can be inserted at the right bearing preload.
Don't know....just some thoughts
Lynn French

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He completely
realigned the wheels and axles resetting the toe in to .5 degrees and the camber to 8
His tire wear is the same as mine (slightly more on the outside treads).

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