Re: Triq tracking

Bartholomew Hanson Fisher

Or the motor is left?

Quoting darichardson75 <darichardson75@...>:

A couple of other things he might want to check. Larry has an O200
on his plane so it's going to want to go to the left if encouraged.
He might want to check and see that his nose gear was installed
vertically. If it is leaning with the wheel more to the passenger
side it would want to go to the left. While he's at it he should
check his caster to make sure it is positive. The lowest part the
nose gear where the fork is attached needs a couple of degrees of
angle. If you look at that part from the side, the bottom of the
nose gear should be forward of the upper area where the fork
attaches so that angle is leaning backwards toward the tail. That
will help the wheel center itself.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 825DR

--- In Q-LIST@..., Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...> wrote:

maybe he has a moving gear attachment problem like I had. If he
attempts to align the wheels would not help for very long. If he
running a VW and if he has toe-brakes, maybe his rudder
linkage is such that when he is applying rudder, he is dragging
brake. Will it taxi straight?

MartinErni@... wrote:

I got a call from Larry Covey a triq builder from Florida. He
has been
fighting with a problem for quite some time with his plane
pulling to
the left on
the runway. It is bad enough that he has been reluctant to put
hours on
it. It has been finished for several years and is still has less
than 40
hours on it. He does not have Internet access and asked that I
the group.
I suggested he check the obvious things (wheel alignment, wheel
bearings, brakes, etc) and he had already done those and more.
realigned the wheels and axles resetting the toe in to .5
degrees and
the camber to 8
degrees. He replaced the wheels, bearings, and brakes and
His tire wear is the same as mine (slightly more on the outside
treads). I
can't imagine what his problem is. Any ideas I might pass along?


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