Re: Triq tracking

FR Jones <seabeevet@...>

Has he tried any high speed taxi runs? I don't mean one or two, but a lot to
wittle down the possibilities?

On 11/24/06, MartinErni@... <MartinErni@...> wrote:

I got a call from Larry Covey a triq builder from Florida. He has been
fighting with a problem for quite some time with his plane pulling to the
left on
the runway. It is bad enough that he has been reluctant to put many hours
it. It has been finished for several years and is still has less than 40
hours on it. He does not have Internet access and asked that I quiz the
I suggested he check the obvious things (wheel alignment, wheel
bearings, brakes, etc) and he had already done those and more. He
realigned the wheels and axles resetting the toe in to .5 degrees and the
camber to 8
degrees. He replaced the wheels, bearings, and brakes and nothing changed.

His tire wear is the same as mine (slightly more on the outside treads). I

can't imagine what his problem is. Any ideas I might pass along?


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