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Kevin Boddicker <trumanst@...>

I do have an oil separator, but it is connected to the vacuum pump.
The crankcase vent a direct tube. I did add the brass tube to the
elbow though. I need to get rid of the vacuum system all together and
get a Dynon (sp).

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 36.3 hours
Luana, IA.

On Nov 27, 2006, at 6:23 PM, Mike Dwyer wrote:

Keep up the reports Kevin!

Oil loss... do you have an oil separator, I tried to get by without
and found that I really need it. The breather elbow that goes into the
case, I put a brass extension on mine, maybe 2" longer than the
original. That plus the oil separator = clean belly even with over 6Qt
of oil. Look up aerobatic breather elbow...

Heavy load, ya, from single place to gross there is a significant
arrival when heavy. I carry 5 mph more speed when heavy.

Mike Q200 N3QP

Kevin Boddicker wrote:
22 Nov 06
Todays flight is to start gross weight testing. The aircraft weight
was 1096 lbs. Fifty pounds in the right seat, which I have had there
since first flight, and full fuel. CG 43.72 inches. CG range 42 to
47.2 inches.
TO on 17 was normal with light wind. TO roll was extended somewhat
due to the higher weight. Not much, but did notice a slower
Climb out was normal to 3500 ft. From there I did climbs and
of 500 feet and timed each at different airspeeds. Best climb was at
95 mph was 638 fpm. Best descent was 85 mph of 769 fpm.,
Worst climb was at 110 mph of 526 fpm, and worst descent was 967 fpm
at 110 mph.
Pitch buck power off was at 78 mph. All speeds are indicated.
Returned to pattern for landing on 17. Landing was not prefect, but
OK. I touched down sooner that I had anticipated. Not a rough
just a bit of a surprise to be on the ground.
Taxied to the hanger. As I always do, I checked the bell of the
for oil. It seems to have settled on five and one forth quarts of
oil. The the rest it throws out. The belly was clean. Really clean.
My fuel vent tube was GONE. The prop blast had sucked fuel out the
stub and washed the belly. I pushed the plane in, and went looking
for the tube. It was about 20 ft from the hanger door, near where I
taxied in. It turns out I had used a piece of aluminum tube that was
only .014 wall thickness. It was not heavy enough. It has been
replaced with versa tube of the correct weight. Happily it was warm
enough on the weekend to flox in another tube.
Ready for the next flight!!!

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 36.3 hours
Luana, IA.

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