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Since I am seriously considering building one of these type of
aircraft, I am just curios if anyone has done it, of if there are
reasons I am not aware of that would make it hard to design into
these aircraft? (other than the cost and weight hits, which I am
already aware of). I presume attachment points and weight and
balance issues would be the primary difficulty?

Thanks in advance for any opinions offered.


The company that developed the BRS for Cirrus and the hang glider/ultralight
comunity has spent millions developing these systems. In addtion to the
dollers Jim Handbury died in a development effort in a Cessna fitted with a BRS.
These are not trivial efforts to develop a reliable system.

The best approach for your non flying passenger is to take a mini course in
the basics of flying and landing an airplane.

A lot of people like to think that the mods they do are in accordance to the
"exprimental" nature of homebuilt aircraft. However most of the stuff I read
on these lists do not play out in the rigor of experimentation. In order to
do an experiment you must have a test plan to verify if your results match
your theory that the experiment was based. The BRS was developed by such
rigiorus experimentation with tests to verify success or failure.

I am not against BRS systems I have one a one person system which I
purchased after I was blown out of the sky by clear air turbulance. My hand deployed
parachute was comprimised as it was deploying and failed to deploy. Resulting
in a lucky crash which I survived.

When you activate an emergancy system you trade one set of risks for another
set of risks. This is evedinced by the Cirrius BRS system history where the
system was deployed and the end game did not result in survivors.

This is my opinion on the subject, and I stand that with out a redesign of
the airplane to accomidate a BRS and the associated static and flying tests of
the developed system the results would not be any safer than a Q with


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