Re: Flight test problems???????


Since we are back onto this rudder bullcrap, I guess I should check in.

There has been a VAST amount of discussion about the small rudder and
directional control. I would give me a vast amount of pleasure to know the name of
your adviser and N number of the plane he built, The QAC flight manual is not
wrong on this score... it levitates off the ground... of course this is only
my information from over 10 years of talking to Q builders many of whom have
over 1000 hours on their airplanes.

Your adviser seems to only have half VAST experience. Of course, these
planes are CUSTOM BUILT and it is possible that somewhere, somehow one has been
built in some funky way that it has the characteristics your half VAST adviser
describes. Are you sure your adviser doesn't have a Dragonfly? Those planes
can do some of the things he describes ie wheel landings.


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