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At this time there are only two QJabs flying. I have made good use of the
mag box by converting it to a high capacity air filter box for the J3300.
You will need to attach the Jab as close as possible to the firewall for CG
and I fitted 2.4KG ballast in the tail as well. The mag cavity needs to be
lowered as close as possible to the surface of the canard to make clearance
for the carb inlet flange. I have a drawing of the engine mount which was
approved in principle by Jabiru.



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I suspect I am going to risk the good favour of you all, by asking so
many questions on topics long ago discussed and no doubt put to rest
and beg your indulgence for being a pain in the bum. I built my
firewall to suit the 0200 I had at the time and as a result it has the
large central cavity for the magneto (magneto box). I will be going in
the direction of a Jabaru now and am wondering about that firewall
magneto box intrusion into my cockpit/instrument area. My question is -
In practical terms, is it a problem if it remains there, and if it has
advantage to removed it, what is the suggested fix to remove it? Does
one cut out and rebuild the entire firewall or do a mod to the existing
one? Thanks for your comments

Trevor Fernihough
Would be Tri-Q builder

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