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Another subtle thing to be aware of is that you need to make sure the
plane is level with you in it when you read the scales. You need to shim
up the main's or lower the nose somehow until you are level with your
weight in the plane. The plane tips back some when you get in and that
will throw off the numbers. Having two people in the plane makes it tip
back even more. I struggled with the pilot/pax cg arm when I was
doing mine. I had heard the CG location of the human body was very
close to the bladder but my calculations were showing it to be several
inches forward of that. Then I realized that the arm I was calculating
was relative to the plane's CG not just my body and that in the seated
position part of my body weight was actually forward of the plane's CG.

Hope that helps.

Dave Richardson

Tri-Q2 825DR

Stow, OH


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I don't know if the cg range that you listed is your self imposed range
or not, but 42 - 47.3 is typical.
When you do the calculations for the pilot locations, but sure to close
the canopy after you get in and before weighing. This can make a couple
inches of differences in the location outcome. I would think it would be
somewhere around 61.
Lynn French
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Doing weight and balance on my TriQ 200. Actual weight and balance is
coming out good.
But calculated numbers are coming out a couple inches different. Was
reading the tri q manual were it says the passager and co pilot station
may be off by as much as 4 inches aft.

What arm are you guys using for pilot and co-pilot location Final weight
725 pounds.
CG range 43.18 to 46.50

Stay Safe
Bob Clark
Ankeny Iowa

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