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Hi Jon and Sam, I wasn't being clear enough - sorry. I do have the turnbuckle trim on the left push/pull rod. When this is used to shorten the left rod to drop the elevator and trim to roll right, it causes the stick to move to rest off centre - to the left I think. So I wondered if this is normal and what I should do to fix it, eg move the position of the left elevator down a bit with respect to the elevator actuator arm? Or can I do something else like soften the little springs that are between the two elevator actuating arms?

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Hi Chris,

Probably not quite an answer... Quite a few of us have a turnbuckle
permanently mounted in one of the elevator push-pull tubes between the stick
and elevator bellcrank (requires the two elevator push-pull tube setup).
Rotating this bellcrank increases or decreases the length of the push-pull
tube thus increasing/decreasing the position of ONE elevator. The roll
tendency that you mention can then be trimmed out.

I know Paul Fisher uses a fancy length of velcro to hold the stick to the
side to solve the roll-trim problem! :-)


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Sam, congratulations on the "new grandad" and Merry Christmas and have a
great New Year all.
Those little white dotted lines in the "trussnauts" picture looks like it
could be pretty useful... great picture though.

To all, now the festive season is on the way to "over" I'm thinking about
two things for the new year - moving out of my house at the end of January,
to another one I haven't found yet! .. and finishing flight testing the Q.
One thing from the first flight, when roll trim was used on the split
elevator control, to compensate for the single occupant, it affected the
neutral position of the ailerons. It naturally wanted to bank (left I
think). Does anyone know if this is normal or can be corrected by (eg
reducing the strength of the little springs between the elevator control
arms? Or do I have to change the untrimmed position of one elevator so the
left one is more down than the right when untrimmed? I haven't tried with
two on board yet, so maybe it's not a problem then, but it's a bit of effort
to fight the bias with only one person aboard. Any comments please?
Many thanks
Chris Rayner (G-CUIK)

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