Flight report

Kevin Boddicker <trumanst@...>

26 Dec 06
Todays flight was to get finished with the flight testing. Added 14
pounds in the PAX seat to bring it up to max weight. Max being, 170#
pilot, 214# PAX, 40# baggage, 30# fuel header, 99# fuel Main, leaves
747# empty weight.
Added the 14 pounds of weight to the PAX seat. Probably went over the
weight some, due to all the duct tape needed to secure the bags. TO
on 17 was with wind from 260 at 10. Everything went well. Climb to
altitude for pitch bucks. Normal. I did not do more climb and
descents, as I think I have those numbers nailed down.
The rest of the tests proceeded by landing, adding fuel, adding 10#
in the baggage area, TO, climb, pitch buck power on and off, landing,
adding fuel, doing it all over again. Got to gross and flew around
some to feel the plane at gross. The biggest lesson learned, how much
different the reflexor settings are at higher weights. The plane
would be a bear to fly without a reflexor or T Tail. ( I have not
flown with a T tail but gather that it trims somewhat the same)
It hardly seems possible, but I am free to roam the country!!!
This will end the flight reports. Next I may write about the places I
Thanks to all who helped in any way, you know who you are.
Keep building!! It's great fun.

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 43.7 hours
Luana, IA.

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