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Richard Thomson

I agree chris, crossed controls tend to catch people out especially
when there is a lot going on, and the left side does seem better for
access to be able to use your other hand to adjust the wheel whilst
holding the stick straight. But are there advantages to keeping it on
the right ?? Is the reaction in the air more natural with it that
side ?

Rich Thomson.

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OK thanks everyone who could help with some advice. When you're new
to these planes (or anything) it's not easy to tell what's
significant and what's not. That's why it's good to have a bunch of
guys who have been there and know what is and what isn't. So my
unknown issue doesn't seem to be much of a problem and I'll probably
live with it, but at least I can now make an informed decision.
Tomorrow I hope to carry out post first flight checks and some more
taxying - if weather's OK.
Incidentally (Richard) I have instructions for fitting the roll
trim turnbuckle and it says "right control rod" which is crossed out
and "left" inserted. I think the only difference is that if you use
the right rod, the adjustment is not "intuitive" as you rotate the
knurled knob left to roll right and vice versa. Which causes the
control arms to run out of movement first is probably more to do with
exactly how it was built/trimmed in the first place. Mine needs about
1/2" left down elevator to trim for one (heavyish at I guess 200lbs)
pilot. I think this is more than some might find, but based on the
advice I received, I won't change anything till flight tests are
Chris Rayner
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I just went and checked mine. Yes, the stick position moves as I
turn the
elevator turnbuckle. I've never noticed this in-flight and don't
that it is an issue.


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Chris, sounds normal to me. I have mine on the right control rod.
I think
makes it work toward a safer system. If I have heavy loads on the
right, I
adjust the right turnbuckle so it shortens the rod length. If you
have the
adjustable rod on the left, adjusting it for heavier loads will
lengthen the
push rod, towards separation.

I haven't really paid attention to whether or not the stick
So to me at least, it's no big deal.

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