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Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

Hey all you quickieites, I just got a email from a friend of mine in
Florida who has a friend that just finished up his Q1, He is looking for
someone who flies Quickies that is near his airport prior to his first
flight, The airport is DeFuniak Springs (54J), Fl Don't know if Mike Gifford
has email but you can get in touch with John Spratt at this address.
<mailto:JohnSpratt@...> JohnSpratt@.... I know nothing about
Florida except that they have big bugs. Please help if you can.

Ron T

Ron Triano

Working on Q200, Sonerai Flying


From: JohnSpratt@... [mailto:JohnSpratt@...]
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 5:28 PM
To: rondefly@...
Subject: Re: Quickie


Thanks. The airport is DeFuniak Springs (54J), Fl. I will pass it on to
Mike Gifford, who has the Quickie.

...and yes, we are enjoying the warm weather. See:

Over & out,

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