Re: Engine cowling fire protection

Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

Sounds like the liquid firewall that was shipped with the original kit. It seemed to work well on the firewall but I would think it would flake off the flexible cowling. I tried it on the exhaust pipes with dismal success. It is still covering my firewall.
Mike Q200

viggenbuilder2 wrote:

Hi All,
Merry Christmas to you.
Under the upper cowling on my Tri, there is the remnants of some white substance which is flaking off, looks something like heavy weight dandruff. I suspect it was a fireproof protective coating in its past life. Does anyone have a similar experience ? The Fibreglass underneath it is in good condition. Is this the remains of a still valid process or is there a new material that is now used, like fibrefrax for example?

Richard Thomson

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