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Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

I have done 2 ground loops (so far). One when the tail wheel broke off on a runway center thumper light and one when the wheel camber got so bad I couldn't stop it. Both were at around 50 mph. In both cases the plane turned 90 degrees to the left and quickly stopped. In both cases the plane continued basically down the centerline. In the first case the tail lifted about 4 feet and at the end of the loop it slammed into the runway and crushed the tail skin just forward of the tail fin. It stops real fast when going sideways.

The Q200 isn't the easiest plane to ground loop but it is the safest to ground loop. Given a choice of hitting the fence at the end of the runway or forcing a ground loop, I'm pushing the left rudder petal to the floor every time!

Have a Safe 2007!
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larry severson wrote:

The fear of ground loops is correct when dealing with ME 109s and Piper Cubs. Wing tip mangling and even cartwheels can result. Narrow gear reduces the number of ground loops, but greatly increase the risk!

The bad news is that the Q, with its excessively wide gear, is easy to ground loop. The good news is that a GL will NEVER result in getting a wing tip or cartwheel. There is no safer plane anywhere when it comes to a GL. In fact, this factor can be a safety factor once it is fully understood.

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