Re: Ground Loops

Larry Severson

The ground loop does not do much damage but its the stuff you run into and off of that causes the damage and it is darned hard to avoid obstacles when you are out of control.
I agree with your statement about out of control; however, I have found that on a dry runway (do we land on any other type?) full right rudder and right brake (or left) will result in an abrupt pivot to the right (or left) and a stop. Due to the design of the Q bird, this is NOT the out of control maneuver that we fear. It is important to keep the full rudder and brake until the plane is stopped, or out of control surely could come into play.

It is popular to say that the Q is not like other planes. But how many of those saying that realize that it really isn't. I would not try this trick with any other plane that I have ever seen. The first time I did it was desperation because I was heading for the weeds AGAIN. I was terrified the whole time due to the abruptness of the maneuver. Plane did a 180 virtually in place, the engine stopped, dust flew, and my heart raced. I got out, turned the plane down the runway towards the taxi way, started the engine, and casually taxied to the barn. Of course, I inspected the plane; but, like QAC published, there was no damage at all. I have 4 flights since then. Now if I can only solve my engine heating problems!

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