Ground Loops

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>

This is from the Q2 Pilots Manual put out by QAC:


Under normal conditions, to minimize the landing ground rollout, touchdown
at the minimum speed, maintain directional control with the tailwheel , and
apply brakes until the tailwheel lifts clear of the ground. A further
reduction in ground rollout can be obtained by shutting the engine off
using the ignition switch.

If, after accomplishing these items, the remaining space available for
stopping is still insufficient, you may elect to intentionally groundloop
the aircraft. To do this, apply full rudder and wait patiently; the
aircraft will turn in a circle of ever decreasing radius while lowering the
speed. After about 180-270 deg. of turn, the aircraft will stop. During
flight testing, this maneuver was accomplished without damage to the
aircraft. No tendency to tip over was evident. Carefully inspect the
entire airframe after a groundloop.

CAUTION: This maneuver is not recommended as a normal operation because
of the very high loads imposed on the airframe.

Note the comments on airframe loads; also note this is without differential

Mike Perry

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