Re: Flats?

Larry Severson

Q-2s aren't too popular around here -- usual reaction: "Do you know how
fast that thing flies on final?"
80mph, hold off until it touches. Since the seat, when the plane is on the ground is about the height of a chair, getting down to 4 inches is easy. Remember, ground effect starts at 1/2 of the wingspan above the ground. Given the tail dragger setup, the plane is a snap to land for those who take it down next to the ground.

"Do you know about the ground
Fantastic, unless you have a dragging brake.

et cetera, et cetera. Hence my interest in the Jim-Bob 6-Pack \

AND the Gall Wheel alignment.
I personally disagree with the whole theory behind the Gall alignment. But to each his own.

My gear are set up 0/0, and without a dragging brake, I couldn't ask for better. My plane tracks straight as an arrow.

If you have a hard landing, you will get some splay of the gear; but if you have the round bottom tires, it will have no impact. However, if you fly it down to the runway, a hard landing should be rare. In either case on a normal situation, above 50mph, there is very little weight on the wheels, and thus no change in camber than an unloaded wheel.

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