Re: Ground Loops - final!

Larry Severson

On my first flight attempt, I lost power at the point of T/O. I pulled my throttle and grabbed my brake (single at that time) handle. The plane swerved to the right off the runway into the weeds. I broke my canard 18 inches inboard of the left gear when I crossed a rut between the runway and the taxi way. The rut was not deep, but it did cause a strong side load. The rut came from a vehicle driving in the dirt area during a period of rain. The plane was going in a wide right turn until it hit the rut. It then made an abrupt left 45 degree turn, went up on its nose, hung there for a bit before slamming down. The canard was broken, so was the prop, tail cone, and tail wheel shaft. Under no circumstance will I accept a deviation off the runway in the future if I can avoid it. I will GL every time.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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