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Doug Humble <hawkidoug@...>

Trevor, I believe Larry is referring to a sticky brake, not a "drag brake". The air brake I think your may be referring to is useful in slowing down this otherwise slick bird, but not absolutely necessary. Many high hour pilots, like Sam Hoskins, have done the Gall Wheel alignment and report improved handling on the tail dragger.

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> Fantastic, unless you have a dragging brake.
> Larry Severson

Hi Larry, as a newcomer, I'm guessing but unsure if you are referring
to the Drag brake when you say "dragging brake" and not referring to a
sticky brake problem?
Also if this is the drag brake, I wasn't sure if you were implying that
this is counter productive regarding directional stability on the
ground, or a good thing to have. Then I wondered if they were even a
fitted mod on a traditional Q 2 as I only came across it as a result of
going into the Tri-Q setup?


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