Re: GU Canards flying

Larry Severson

I'm sure that someone has probably asked this before but how many GU
canards are still flying as against how many have converted to LS1.
Does anyone have any info ? And are there any GU guys who would not
change to LS1 and why ?
I do not know the numbers of LS1/GU, but the only advantage of the LS1 is the ability to carry more weight because of the carbon fiber spar. The extra weight is required for the O-200 engine. However, it also requires sparrow strainers on the elevator. The GU (clean) is laminar flow which is inherently less drag, even after VGs are added, then the LS1 (non-laminar flow) without the sparrow strainers which add still more drag.

Are those GU guys using LeGare Tail or Reflex ?
Reflex; however, I have heard that the T-tail is even more effective -> I believe this because of the longer moment arm.

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