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Richard Thomson

Thanks Jon, and everyone who has contributed to this thread. I have
an LS1 on my early Tri Q 200, which I did wonder if it was at one
stage, until PB pointed out it had strainers and cambered elevators,
which was a relief as we get lots of rain and bugs in UK. I have just
taken the elevators off for repairs to the strainers, but I find that
the Elevator rods are in poor condition and need to be changed for
new ones. Has anybody got a pair for sale please, or the drawing to
make some new ?

Richard Thomson
TriQ 200 G-BMFN

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Hi Richard,

I have a GU and am content with it. I had a T-Tail AND reflexor -
I removed
the T-Tail as I felt they were redundant.

If I were about to start construction, I would build an LS1. The
VG's work
on the GU but they aren't pretty - would rather have an LS1 so I
didn't need
to worry about them (plus cleaning around them is a nuisance).

Jon Finley
N314JF - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22 Legacy
Mid-Valley Airpark, Los Lunas, NM

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Hi Guys,

I'm sure that someone has probably asked this before but how many GU
canards are still flying as against how many have converted to LS1.
Does anyone have any info ? And are there any GU guys who would not
change to LS1 and why ? Are those GU guys using LeGare Tail or
Reflex ?

Richard Thomson

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