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Issue 85 of CONTACT! Magazine (currently at the printers, should be mailed
in a few days) has another Quickie engine featured, the AeroTwin:

I say "another" because a few issues back we did an article on the Hexadyne,
which is currently being installed on a Q1.

We also covered the HKS a few issues before the Hexadyne, but not in the
same detailed manner that we do most engine features.


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Robert Bounds mentioned the HKS as a four stroke alternative to the Rotax
503. Has anyone considered a half-VW in the Quickie? What about the
Jabiru 2200 (~120 #)?

For that matter, has anyone looked at a J-2200 in the Q-2? More
horsepower, less weight, what's not to like?

Bounds is correct about the cost of the HKS and Jabiru -- Exchange rate is
against us right now.

Mike Perry

At 12:38 PM 1/13/2007 Robert Bounds wrote

Yup, HKS. Big bucks, though.
At 01:58 PM 1/13/2007 +0000, Mike Gifford wrote:

Thanks for the two stroke tip guys. I didn't think of that aspect. Is
there a comparable 4 stroke option that falls within weight

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