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Thanks for the tip. I am using PPG DP90LF two part black primer. Since it is also a UV barrier and is appropriate for PPG finish coats, I will be using it as the final primer. Hopefully, I will have fixed all defects. If some defects do show up, I will give it a try.

Perhaps your primer to primer delamination was casued by using different brands of primer or inadequate sanding prep.


viggenbuilder2 <richard@...> wrote:
One tip that I saw on the Canard Aviators site from Ken Miller I
believe, was if you are using epoxy primer add some dry micro in any
pin holes or small defects as you paint. It bonds tight and is easy
to sand ready for paint. I tried a small tester and it seems to work
quite well.

Rich Thomson
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I am really sorry about not getting this link correct. Try this


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