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It's easy to tell, ours have 9 head bolts and the P224 engine (60cid) has 10. Also the shaft is or can be the same size, I had one of em. It's about 1.5" wider & the same taller with a larger sump. Good news is that the gear case is the same and will bolt right on.

Keith Welsh

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do you have a picture of the 60 c.i. engine, I have a couple of onan engines that I don't know what they are, it might help ya.........

Dennis in S. Fla.
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Isaksson Roger said,

"Onan actually have a history of pretty high hours Q1's."

"The 60 Cu Inch is probably the best upgrade you can do and still be as close
as possible from the original plans."

"My opinion, (take it or leave it) get a 60 cu inch Onan, and fly."

____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

I have the 48 Cu inch Onan in my Quickie, with some mods (mikuni carb,
reground cam, dual ignition, firewall mounted remote oil filter, cooling air
ducted under and around the cylinders, to cool the exhaust side first, as Onan
does from the factory. Part of the air is directed around the oil sump for low
oil temps.
I had thoughts of getting the 60 cube Onan later for the extra power.

BUT ! ! ! ! !

All of the internet sites that I have visited that sell this type (industrial)
of engine report that Onan has stopped making the flat head engine and there
are none available. Maybe there are a few to be found some where, but it might
take some searching.

The Jabiru looks great, but I'm not rich.


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