Re: Q2 Air foil

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>

QAC newsletters 18 and 19 indicate that QAC didn't want to approve heavier
engines on the GU canard, or raise the gross above 1000 lbs. The LS-1 with
carbon spar allowed a gross of 1100 lbs and QAC indicated "We will possibly
increase the gross weight above 1100 lbs after further testing."

For clarity, the "lack of sufficient elevator authority" occurred with rain
on the GU canard, which is a kind of contamination. The LS-1 maintains
lift with water, bugs, whatever; there is some loss of top speed.

Q-2 performance with the Revmaster was OK if you built the plane very
light; most flying Q-2s are around 200 lbs heavier than the factory
demonstrator. One answer is to keep the GU and go to the Jabiru 3300
engine; weight is about the same as the Revmaster 2100 but bring $$$. I
think that's what Paul Spackman did.

Mike Perry

At 07:06 PM 3/18/2007 +0000, Paul Buckley wrote:

As has been pointed out, the GU canard is well able to support the weight
of a heavier engine without sagging, as it is good for 30g. However, it
was the lack of sufficient elevator authority, combined with the heavier
engine, with the GU that was the reason for the move to the LS1. I
believe that the contamination problem solved by the LS1 was a
bonus.....simply co-incidental.

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