Re: Quickie in New Mexico?

Wesley Hebert

I guess I should have been more clear, I'm really only looking into
buying a flying airplane (and yes, I've been around the aviation
community enough that "flying" doesn't always mean flying. If I'm
going to build an airplane, I'm going to wait a couple years. I
realize that popping up and asking a bunch of peole I've never met
before for a ride in their airplane probably isn't the way to get a
flight, but I'd really like to see how it flies before I put the
effort into researching, buying or building one.

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As someone who bought a flying Q200 two years ago and still haven't
flown, I would strongly recommend your going and talking to
owner/builders. It will save you a lot of time considering
(At the Livermore California fly-in last year, someone drove all
way from Utah.)

These are wonderful planes, but you need to understand the kind of
commitment that is required to build and fly them. There is no
for maintenance, parts, owners, or pilots; getting something wrong
cost you a lot of time, and it will take a lot of time just to find
out what's right, no less to do it. It's key to find people who
actually know what they're talking about, who you can trust, and
make the time to answer your questions. You will need to establish
yourself with them, so they know they won't be wasting time
you. At a fly-in you can see the plane, ask your questions, find
what people think, and build relationships.

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking, "Oh, I can get a cool
flying plane for $15,000!" The money is nothing compared to the
It's even worse if, like many builders, you invest a ton of time
don't get in the air. (If you don't have time to drive to the fly-
you almost certainly don't have time to build or maintain :)


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Yeah, I was thinking about that, the problem is I'd only be able
spend the day there, and it's a little far. Who knows, though,
still might try to go

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You could join us at one of our annual gatherings and see
Q's and
maybe get a demo ride or two.


Hey all, I'm considering buying or building a Q2 withen the
or 2. I'm currently in Albuquerque until May, and was
wondering if
there was anyone in the area that was willing to give a demo
Of course I'd be more than willing to pay for fuel and lunch
whatever. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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