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One Q attendee not mentioned was Joseph Snow and his wife who was there on Saturday as well.
Terry and I got to visit with him quite a while.
Jim, I share your sentiment that Susie seems to be holding up well, very strong. She was so grateful to see some from the Q family there on Saturday. Terry and I got there at the start before the line got long and received a catch all hug from her which is typical. They finally had to move us along as we were taking up to much time, so much to talk about. She and Dave really love the Q family. The service ended with a very nice prayer from their minister, from there I can't say much, just to tough.
Dave was accomplished in a few areas most don't know about like a fantastic base gutiar player, weekend camper and community servant to his church. His dad was especially proud of the fact that he got a ride in Dave's Tri-Q.
What a great memory to have.


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Spent Sunday with Susie Richardson at Stow near Akron. Ceremonies were
teary. D&S were VERY involved with their Presbyterian church. Susie will have lots
of help and comfort with this. She is doing well and was proud to show me a
stack of cards she got... some from you guys. Thanks. Terry and Keith were
able to drive in for the Saturday events to represent Q guys as well. They were
involved with QBA as much as church.


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