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--So long Batman....I know he liked that name. I never liked Robin
but, he was taller and probably looks better in tights! Since Damian
had his neck surgery some months back I've been laying low and
taking some time off from my Q. I logged on to this website for the
first time in quite a while and am swamped by tradedgy! I'm real
sorry to hear about Dave. Our family is truly suffering and I wish
all will get through with plesant thoughts of our friends who have
passed and the new ones we'll have in the future. My feelings about
Damian's passing are ambivilent. I believe if he wasen't so smart,
he might still be with us. Please don't judge me on this, just hear
me out. I'm more concerned about all of us in the future! My
experience in life dictates to let the professionals do their jobs!
We're all educated in different fields so that we can help eachother
when our expetise is needed. After Damian's neck surgery he had
trouble swallowing. He had assumed the Doctor overperferated his
throat. He learned a few 'Doctor' terms and instead of asking what
was wrong....he diagnosed himself. Upon speaking with his physician.
The Doctor replied sarcasticly....'how many years of medical school
did you go to?' I know this because I was there!I don't know in the
end whose to blame about this communication gap? but, somebody
missed something that should have been caught.... and my friends
dead! What I loved most about Damian was his intellegence and
willingness to share it with anyone!What I hated about Damian was
his intellegence and his desperate need to prove it to everybody!
For the short time I knew him we had a love/hate relationship! I
loved the fact He helped me to construct my plane correctly and
hated being yelled at and called stupid in the process! But, most of
all,I loved talking about airplanes with him for hours on end. For
all his insecurities, he just wanted people to appreciate his
knowledge and abilities. He did a great deal for me and I thank him
for that! After surgery I made sure he was taken care of and if he
needed something I'd try to make him comfortable. I'll Miss him and
will wish he could see my Bird take its first flight! He kept on
talking about how much time we had to get it right! I wish he was in
a little more of a hurry....but, those who knew him could confirm he
wasen't ever rushed! Thanks for being there Pal, I feel cheated we
lost you so young....Ron (Robin nomore). I guess I'll have to come
up with a new nickname? It just dosen't sound right without you!
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I was thinking about the "threes" just after Dave passed. I just
knew I was going to get a call or an email about another Q accident.
In a warped way, I'm relieved that the third wasn't an accident.

I also found Damian to be an interesting fellow. I was in contact
with him when he purchased the Q2 molds and thought they had found a
good home. I thought he had been awfully quite on the list for quite
some time. Now I know why.

His family will be in my prayers.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
A Sign Above
Omaha NE
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They say things happen in "threes". I am sorry to here of
Domains passing. I talked to him awhile back about transporting a Q.
He was a wealth of knowledge. With the events of the last month I
think a lot of us are looking at what are REALLY the important
things in our lives, and taking each day as a gift, because no one
really knows how many they have left. My condolences to his friends
and family.

Steve Ham

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It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of a fellow
enthusiast, Damian Gregory. Damian passed on Friday, March 16 in
the care of his
family and had suffered from Esophageal Cancer. He was a Vietnam
war veteran,
mechanical engineer, composites engineer, motorcycle mechanic to
the Stars, and
a dreamer / inventor.

I first met Damian over a telephone conversation and I quickly
surmised that
he was either a great teller of stories (Liar) or one of the
most talented
people on earth. After meeting him in person and seeing some of
the fruits of
his accomplishments I chose to believe the latter. He truly was
a brilliant
mind, somewhat eccentric, and always engaging in conversation. I
and many
others loved him as a colleague, an intellectual mentor, and a

Not everybody on this Q-List has the honor of having a nick-
name. Damian
was known as "Batman" to many of us, always accompanied at group
events by
non-other than one of his best friends, Ron Weiss, who, through
the association
was named "Robin". I spoke with Ron this evening and he
consented to my
putting out this note to the List.

Damian was attempting to rebuild a Q-200 project with broken
canard and very
damaged engine. He and Ron went about to the California and
Nevada events
over the last few years where their combined presence was always
known and
enjoyed. One thing lead to another and Damian and Ron ended up
making one of
those memorable cross country road trips to pick up a great deal
on a Tri-Q for
Ron. Ron will write a book on this subject and you should be
able to buy it
at Barnes and Noble soon. It was one of those kinds of road

Damian is survived by a daughter who is now holding the great
of settling her father's estate. Among the personal possessions
aside from
his Q-200 project are Harley Davidson motorcycles and related
articles, and
an array of machine tools, lathes, and related machine shop
items. Lastly,
Damian came into the possession of what are represented as the Q-
2 fuselage
forms. It would be fitting if someone were interested in
preserving these molds.

I will be speaking with Damian's daughter on Monday, March 26
and I plan on
meeting her at Damian's place in Los Angeles, CA some time later
that week.

With deepest sympathy,

Phil Lankford

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