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Aloha Sky Dog
I would like to send a copy of the plans online to hear your oppinion and from all in the group that are interested in this matter.
I sent you an email with attachements but it returned.
What email I should direct it in case you decide to take a look?

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Hi Group
I have the plans for a 4 seats experimental aircraft based on the Q.
I am not sure about the designs and would like to make a model test.
Is a silly idea try to make a model in a 20/1 scale using all the measures
in a 20/1 proportion?
I am trying to say, a 180 hp engine would be replaced for a 9 hp engine?
And about the weights, does it make sense to use a 20/1 exactly proportion
in all the weigths if I want to model to have a similar performance to the
future aircraft?
Sorry if the questions seems idiot but any post will be welcome.


If you want anything close 1/5th scale would be minimum. Weight is a cubic
function so you will have to make the model heavier than it will build. To be
representative the weight will need to be distributed out in the wings. You
will be challenged by the extreme cg shift with passengers in or out.

Good luck.

One Sky Dog

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