Dusting off the cob webs

Sam Hoskins


Just a general report... As much as I can't believe it, it has been
at least FIVE MONTHS since I last flew my Q-200; at least until today,
that is.

There have been plenty of periods when I didn't fly for that period of
time, but that was when it was broken, or I was doing something
special. But no excuses this time, it was full of gas and a zero time
oil change in the sump since last October.

Anyway, after having fits getting it started, I did commit aviation
today, and good it felt.

With no mission planned, other than burning fossil fuels, I started by
circumnavigating the local class D airspace. No reason, just thought
I would fly in a big circle for 15 minutes. Let's see C=PixD, right?
Therefore, 10 nm x 3.14 means mean it's 31.4 miles. For some reason,
in the air I calculated 17 miles.

Ok, now that that was out of the way, I flew south to Cobden &
Jonesboro flew around a couple guys farms. Didn't look like anyone
was home.

Diverted a few miles west and flew up the Mississippi. Flew by (never
use the word "buzz") a friends house in Chester, IL and she was waving
from the porch. When she called Sandy she said I gave her chills.

What the hell, make a landing at Perryville, MO. May as well get my
three in 90 days.

Then over to Pinckyville, IL for another landing, them home to Carbondale.

It was nice to be up there again. While I was burning gas I thought
about you guys, I thought about Dave and Bob and Bud and Larry and the
others who won't be attending any more fly-ins.

When I was back at the hangar I checked in with the home office, and
the CEO was relieved that everything was routine.

I am really glad I'm a pilot, and I'm really glad I buillt and fly a

Best Wishes,

Sam Hoskins
Murphysboro, Il

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