Bob Justin's accident

Sam Hoskins

I have been receiving bits and pieces about Bob Justin's Tri-Q accident.

Today I heard about as much as I'm going to get, so I thought I'd pass
it along. I have spoken with Bob's son and the FAA investigator. I also
received a couple of photos of the wreck, after it had been moved to a
hangar. The FAA investigation is largely complete and that information
will be passed onto the NTSB. The investigator expected a probable
cause in 18 months or so.

Bob, 68 years old, had a Tri-Q with a Revmaster. He purchased this
aircraft. Bob reported a rough engine to ATC and was making an
emergency landing.

Apparently the cylinder hold down bolts worked loose. He wouldn't come
out and say exactly what caused the engine roughness, but the FAA guy
advised that Revmaster pilots should check the torque on these bolts.
I don't know if they loosened or stripped out. I am not familiar with
the rRvmasters so I don't know it the cylinders are held on with
through bolts or not.

From his son's description of the propeller damage it sounds like the
engine was turning.

It was also mentioned that Bob landed in a plowed field, perpendicular
to the rows. It sounds like the nose gear broke on touchdown then
flipped over on it's back There was substantial damage to the tailcone
and the rear wing. Fire pretty much consumed everything from the
instrument panel forward.

His son speculated that Bob was knocked unconscious on impact.

That's the facts as described to me. I guess you can draw your own

Sam Hoskins Q-200
Murphysboro, IL

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