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Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

That would work if the fire was in the engine compartment but after a crash I worry more about one of the fuel tanks rupturing or a fuel line separating. Have you seen these fire hoods that give you a couple of minutes of air. You could set off a halon extinguisher after putting on the fire hood.
Maybe a general discussion of safety items and safe operating procedures is in order...

Mike Q200 N3QP

Allan Farr wrote:

The recent crash & burn tragedy got me wondering if anyone has considered an automatic fire extinguishing system. I heard of a system for cars awhile ago which utilzes a plastic tube mounted under the bonnet (hood) which is pressurised by an activated fire extinguisher. If there is a fire the plastic tube melts causing the extinguisher to discharge the foam/fire retardant in exactly the right location. It's a very simple system which may save a life, especially if the occupants are trapped and/or unconcious.
Allan Farr

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