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Terry Adams

Thankfully my plane has a roll bar. Thankfully I had a hatchet. I went inverted on landing once, popped the seat belt, and then broke out the cracked canopy which allowed me to crawl out. Though the airport crash truck arrived, if a fire had started it would have been too late to save me. JM2C


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On my 15th flight I went inverted on the ground. The canopy smashed and I
had grass in my face. Some kind souls ran out and lifted the plane off of

IMHO a hammer would do no good. I do carry a very aggressive backpacker's
saw, but I'm sure it would take 20 minutes or so to hack any kind of opening
that might do any good but I figure it's better than nothing. You would
have to go sideways and that won't be easy.


On 3/28/07, Jim Patillo <logistics_engineering@...> wrote:
> Larry,
> Since Phil Lankford with a "K" is the only Q-Pilot I know of that
> survived a serious crash in which he and his wife had gas all over them
> and lived to talk about it, I thought he might be a good place to
> start. I've talked with Phil at some length and we both agree
> installing a crash hammer in the cockpit may create a false sense of
> security. Its like pissing in the wind, its kind of fun but doesn't get
> you anywhere.
> 1). You presume you will be conscious enough to use a hammer and 2).
> that a crash hammer would even work. Have you ever tried breaking out a
> rounded lexan canopy so that you know it works? Has anyone? I'm
> convinced this is an area that needs to be addressed NOW by some of our
> resident wizards. I love my airplane but I am very concerned about this
> negative scenerio. It can happen to anyone regardless of their
> abilities.
> I designed my canopy with a simple quick disconnect system that allows
> it to be jettisoned in a couple of seconds. This may save me in an
> inflight to ground situation like Phil's but does nothing for a landing
> that goes bad and inverts the plane quickly with me going unconscious.
> Phil said when he was upside down, he unlatched his belt, rolled around
> and got his feet on the ground and pushed the plane up and off of him
> and Sherry. He didn't feel a crash hammer would have done much good.
> Luckily for him, the canopy already ripped off. In fact he was very
> happy the canopy was gone.
> I believe the problem is serious enough, it's time we collectively came
> up with a solution that would be best treated like an AD.
> There have simply been to many people burned up in these planes.
> Regards,
> Jim Patillo
> P.S. I don't express my views much anymore on this site but this one
> needs to be addressed and resolved!
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> > >if the occupants are trapped
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> > I have added a crash hammer to my Q bird minimum equipment list. It
> > is mounted high above/between the seats.
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