Re: Firetrace - Automobile / Car Fire Suppression Systems/exhaust system as firesuppresion/ hood quick release

Isaksson Roger <scratchdeeper@...>

Read in a history book, about a Russian fighterplane, the pilots loved the fire supression system, and saved quite a few.

The engine exhaust was routed into the aircraft, and as it is depleted of oxygen, it supressed most fires, the pilot went on oxygen mask while this happened.

Now, the Q is a composite, and dont have all the cavities as an aluminun aircraft has, also the fire danger seems to be, when it has crashed, turning the plane up side down, spilling the fuel, this might probably not do any good with this system, but it would do good, in an engine fire while in flight.

If the fresh air intake was closed off, and a valve opened up the exaust fumes into the airplane engine compartment, the compartment would quickly run out of oxygen, and could not sustain a flame.

At least another possibility to look into.

Filling up the airspace in the cockpit with fire retardant, powder, foam or gas, while sitting trapped in the cockpit most probably will disable the pilot more than help him.

He is probably not thinking in rational terms on how to combat fire at that time, but are desperately trying one thing only, GET OUT.

In times of need, a person is very strong, and as I have read here, the persons able to release the canopy have been able to lift the airplane off themselves.

I think the main solution would be to be able to release the hood quickly and very simple, from both the hinge and latch side with very little effort. Perhaps something that is spring loaded, or perhaps a preloaded CO2 catridge so the release is very pronounced and definite.

Something along that line will probably substitute very well for stuff we cant buy, explosive bolts.

Perhaps one trick that is used in the movie industry to flip cars can be used.

They can have installed in one corner of the car, a pipe with a piece of wood in it, when they turn, they let the piece of wood go, propelled with pressurized air, the log goes down, and pushes the car over end.

Imagine a pipe, with a cylinder in it, mounted somewhere in the back of the cockpit, pointing straight up, when inverted, you can push the "red button" and it would with a gas cartridge activate the cylinder.

It would shoot out, lifting up the aircraft, giving the hood clearance to fall down and give the pilot space to get out.

Alternatively, the piston could snap out with such a force that it will flip the whole aircraft back on its feet again.

One of the longest leverages you have, would be in the tail section, a rocket, of decent size, could be drilled in, and preinstalled in the fin, aimed to throw it's jet straight up,, when activated, it can flip the whole aircraft over with comparable little force.

I'm just free wheeling now, but there are ideas out there, some are better, some worse, but all in all, the canopy quick release seems to be one of the better ones.


Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...> wrote:
Here is another one sold for the car engine compartment.

Ideally we get someone to look at this stuff and pick the most suited then
maybe we could bulk order for discount.

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