Re: fire extinguishing system

Larry Severson

I designed my canopy with a simple quick disconnect system that allows
it to be jettisoned in a couple of seconds.
Important, my basic Q2 has that. Unfortunately, my triQ does not.

This may save me in an
inflight to ground situation like Phil's but does nothing for a landing
that goes bad and inverts the plane quickly with me going unconscious.
Unconscious is out of luck.

Phil said when he was upside down, he unlatched his belt, rolled around
and got his feet on the ground and pushed the plane up and off of him
and Sherry.
A hard surface crash breaks the canopy. A plowed field probably will not.

He didn't feel a crash hammer would have done much good.
A poor tool that will work some of the time is better than none.
However, the canopy is 1/8inch lexan(?) that is fairly rigidly help in the canopy frame. A non mounted canopy clearly would not break with the small crash hammer that I have, but the rigid installation should. A sharp axe would be better. And the Navy issues heavy knife like devices for just such a purpose for canopies that are far stronger/thicker.

Larry Severson
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