Re: {Disarmed} Re: fire extinguishing system

Sam Hoskins

It's a Plexiglas type material. Cracks pretty easily, once you get it
started. I have been through a few of them.

Definitely not a polycarbonate (lexan).


On 3/29/07, Jim Patillo <logistics_engineering@...> wrote:


I heard way back (1981-82), the canopy on a Q was made of Lexan.
That's why Phil and I think it would was useless to bang on, like the
previous e-mailer said "he beat the P--- out of it". If someone is
talking to Scott Swing he would know for sure.

Do we have anyone with a smashed Q that would be willing to donate
one for the cause?

Jim P.

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Is the canopy Lexan or plexi?
Lexan is for the most part bulletproof.
I tried to cut it on a radial-arm saw once and it literally
Plexi on the other hand cuts like butter when put through a saw.


I can tell you that I have beat the p___ out of lexan in testing
for the
race car comunity and you won't do anything bet get a tired arm.
fire systems are the only answer. I choose to carry a ballistic
(rated for 1500 pounds at a cost of 3500) and bypass the hole

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