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Sam Hoskins

No need to take it off-line. Just join the right group. Here is where you
find about the various relevant Q groups:

On 4/1/07, drcastrojc <drcastrojc@...> wrote:

I agree with you Eric
But anyway, I just made my post thinking someone could be interested.
I also believe that as much are the subjects discussed, more people
interested can take advantage of the discussion, and when I read any post
that interesting to me, I just delete it.
But since the group's moderators understand is better mantaining these
discussions out of the forum, I will just stop contributing with these
"weird" ideas, like Q4s , turboprop Qs, or anything that does not fit in the
"Qs envelope's and standard rules".
If anyone wants to drop his thoughts about the design, please send it
direct to me offlist, and all comments will be very welcome.
Also, sometimes the list is too quiet and out comments could spice it!

I'm new to this list and don't know its history but to me anything
having to do with a Q of any kind is very interesting to me! Be it a Tri Q A
Q200 or a Quad Q it's still a Q and the building and construction for all Q
type planes is very good to the builders out there that want to learn more
about the planes they are building and dreaming of building. This is a sort
of class room to me, where any topic of flight and it's many functions from
CG to composits and hot wiring foam are all part of it. To separate
everything into separate facet's of building classes is of no benefit to
anyone. You end up spending your time chasing around from one list to
another just to find the information you want. To me there aren't enough
posts to this list period about anything Q related. However I hang around
because I like the information this list has the potential of producing. I
personally have over 23 different sets of aircraft plans that I have bought
over the years and
they all interest me just as much now as they did when I first bought
them. Some of us are building more than one plane and have built others as
well as helping build others with friends so to me this is a class room for
everyone to get a little something out of. I love it all !!!! Eric Von

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