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To those who question the use of higher HP engines on the Q-1 should take a
look at the Amsoil Racer.

Interesting... and I might add:

To those intending to safely USE higher HP engines on the Q-1 should take a
look at Burt Rutan's curriculum vitae compared to their own before starting.

Historical note: In the beginning... there was a great deal of hubris
floating around the QAC/RAF ramp at Mojave. The Q2/200 design started with a
Canadian plumbing contractor who completed an early Q1. QAC got rights to US kit
sales. Rutan got ticked off about it (I have my ideas why) but thought better of
it and backed away, Cordial relations were strained. Rutan started design
work on a round-the-world flight. Curiously, Tom Jewett did likewise. The
Jewett craft called BIG BIRD was nothing like a Q. It was a conventional design
with Schweitzer sailplane wings (I think all wet wings) and a conventional
T-tail. He planned to beat Burt to the punch. Hubris. On a test flight, the BB
crashed killing Jewett. I remember Dick Rutan telling that he was out jogging
at the time and saw the event happen. He believed he saw the cause. And then a
totally original and purpose-built design won out over a cobbled together
Insert your moral of the story


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