Re: Nose Gear Shimmy

Bruce Crain

Ok Guys I feel it's time to step in here on the nose gear shimmy.
If'n the hangy down part right above the fork and the fork itsef' is
not cambered 3 degrees back at the top you will get shimmy. The bottom
is forward of the top. I believe this is in the plans. Also the old
smaller nose gear tube may be a little bit conducive to shimmy as it is
a bit of a noodle. Some have had a shimmy due to the welds breaking
loose and separating the tube from the plate at the firewall or the
plate itself could be loose on the firewall.
It is just the opposite for a tail dragger. The top of the bolt going
through the fork on a tail dragger should be forward of the bottom of
the bolt or it will be terribly destabilizing.

Oooooooh I'm goooooood!!!
Bruski Crain

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