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Hey Ron - which hangar are you in?? (You can reach me off list if you'd rather...)



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Hey Guy's, I saw a Lancair 320 Crash at my Airport today. His engine
went out on takeoff. The plane came down and hit the fence pretty
hard. The tail section and wing tips were torn off, but, the whole
passenger and pilot area were intact. The pilot walked away unhurt.
Composite Motorcycle Helmet Theory in use again. From the looks of it,
I don't think a metal airplane would have faired as well. This is one
of many 'Lancair hot rodders' at Whiteman Airport. I'm sure this guy
will be counting his lucky stars tonight! Happy ending for a sad
situation. Fly safe everybody and preflight well! If there is anymore
pertinent information on this incident I'll let you all know....Ron

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