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Sam Hoskins

Jim, no way around it. I need to experience your locking tailwheel.


On 4/16/07, Jim Patillo <logistics_engineering@...> wrote:


I think Earnest Martin was right. Having known the original players, I
think it was a matter of quick and cheap rather than being right on the
brakes. QAC tried the Q2 first with mechanical brakes. That didnt work,
so they introduced hydraulics/discs. They were looking for the easiest
and quickest way to couple the hydraulics and a single lever was it.

Jim Patillo

P.S. For Joseph or Allan,

I landed three times yesterday on runway 25R with crosswinds at 18-20K
from 295. I used a slip to the ground and landed tailwheel first, right
main second and slowly let the left touch. There are no control issues
with that approach on my plane. The fact is that this plane is very
easy to handle in crosswinds.

With the tip gear 16.5 feet apart, I suspect that QAC was trying to
keep people from applying uneven brakes. Unfortunately, that can
easily happen with a single handle.
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