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Terry Crouch

Hi Paul,

The dates are May 18-19-20.

Terry Crouch

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I did not see the dates listed for this event.


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Guys and Gals,
Below is a tentative schedule of this years Spring Fling. I got
from Greg Zimmerman. He is doing the ground work at Iowa City.
below is the web site and phone number for the Alexis Park Inn
room reservations. 319-337-8665 www.alexisparkinn. roo
We would like to know how many are planning to come, so we can
the groceries for Sat AM. Please RSVP when you decide. The rest
the plans seen fairly fluid.
We plan to have at least four planes there. Q1, Q200, and two Tri
Q200's. Paul, Terry and l will have our planes there early, if
weather looks bad for the weekend. That way those driving in will
have something to see, even if the flying is bad.
The event will take place in the old United hanger. Located in the
corner of the airport.
If you are driving in, please consider bringing a lawn chair or
Get your reservations in early. The owner told us last fall that
in's could cancel up to the last minute. Drive in's are not so
lenient. They have a cancelation policy. Please ask when making
Due to our litigious society, "enter at your own risk" this event
not sanctioned by EAA or the like so the only insurance is your
That being said, please come and have fun. We are looking forward
seeing everyone!

Kevin Boddicker
Tri Q 200 N7868B 51.4 hours
Luana, IA.

I think just a tentative schedule. Fri night - casual get
flying talk, Demo of the fantastic flight simulator at the Alexis
Park Inn , Supper at Village Inn or The Steak house next door
Sat Morning - I can make breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon,
sausage ).
Show off planes, avionics, engines, interiors etc. Talk about
and building techniques. what works and what does not and why.
Possible speed run, demo flights etc. Lunch, either sandwiches
chips etc at airport or on our own to one of the many local
restaurant's or fast food places. Afternoon when it will probably
hot more hanger flying discussions etc or go to the pool at the
Sat night - trip to the casino for buffet and gambling if anyone
desires. Sun - sleep late, last minute hanger flying, questions,
answers, flights then back home. If wives are interested Kalona
country is only 10 miles away. Quilts,Museums, country is onl
are only 20 miles away with plenty of shopping and tourist type
things. Iowa's biggest mall is in Coralville only 5 miles away or
Tanger outlet mall is 20 miles away. Let me know what you think?
Camping is available.

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